Healthy summertime fruit for dogs

Many pet owners worldwide think about different aspects for improving health and lifestyle of their beloved pet. They are conscious about how to make their dog happy, safe and healthy? They increase their efforts to keep their dog cool in the summer and warmth in the winter. They have so many doubts about what kinds of foods suitable for their pet. For example, they have a doubt about watermelon is suitable for a dog or not.

Dogs eat watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? Many dogs eat watermelon happily because the overall taste of this healthy fruit. On the other hand, dogs get some health problems like intestinal blockage and a gastrointestinal upset because they eat seeds in watermelon. If you make sure that your dog likes to taste the watermelon in the summer, then you can remove seeds from the watermelon before you place it in front of your pet.


In general, watermelon is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B6, and potassium. Low calories in watermelon do not increase the unhealthy weight of your dog. You can feed a piece of watermelon without seeds to your dog once a day. Dogs do not get benefits from all nutrients of watermelon and other fruits. They do not digest fruits such as watermelon.

This is advisable to feed a little slice of watermelon and cool down your beloved pet in the summer. Do not fail to practice the most essential moderation when you are feeding watermelon to your dog.  The overall consumption of the watermelon in the moderate level does not affect a dog negatively.

Dogs can get some health benefits from potassium, vitamins, magnesium, and beta carotene present in watermelon.  The immune system of dogs can get enhanced further by vitamins and minerals of watermelon. High water content in watermelon gives different benefits for every genre of dogs of any age group.

Taste and health benefits

The overall tastes, as well as health benefits of watermelon, grasp the attention of pet owners who think about how to maximize their dog’s physical and mental health condition out of harm’s way.  If you own a puppy or a dog at home, then you have to take care of its diet every day. You can give a slice of watermelon occasionally to make your dog happy and healthy in the summer.


A dog that eats excessive watermelon may suffer from an unfavourable change in its bowl movements.  You can feed a moderate portion of watermelon after removing seeds to your dog.

The best digesting process of a dog may get disturbed by seeds of watermelon and unnecessary consumption of watermelon day after day.  You can give two to three slices of watermelon per day when you have ensured that your dog loves to taste watermelon and quench its thirst almost immediately in the summer.

Dog owners who think about can dogs eat watermelon have to understand how many slices of watermelon are suitable for their dog per day. This is because a dog can eat a moderate portion of watermelon once a week.