“World’s Loneliest” Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted And Now She’s A Movie Star

Not long ago, this former shelter pup named Freya was known as the ‘World’s Loneliest Dog.’


Now she spends her days working happily alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, and soon she’ll be one too!

This Staffordshire bull terrier was just a pup when the kind people at Freshfields Animal Rescue found her.


For six years, she watched 18,720 pet-seekers turn the other cheek, earning her the heartbreaking title of ‘World’s Loneliest Dog.’

That all changed thanks to director Michael Bay. He read about Freya’s story and decided that the lonely dog had been ignored long enough.

Michael posted on Twitter that he had picked Freya to play a role in the upcoming “Transformers” film. Check out the video to see Freya behind-the-scenes.

Freya is living proof that there’s a home out there for every dog.