Woman Turns Down Arranged Marriage With “Well-To-Do” Guy Because He Didn’t Like Her Dog

This woman from Gurgaon, India just did the sweetest thing for her pet.


Karishma Walia recently turned down an arranged marriage when the guy she was set to marry had some strong opinions about her dog, Lucy.


The guy was not fond of furry creatures in general and said that there was no place for Lucy in their new life. Her response was nothing but flawless.


Karishma’s lovable pup means everything to her, so there was no way she was going to abandon her for some guy.


“My mom thought he’s an excellent match because he’s good-looking and well-off. There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog.”

Still, the guy tried to get Karishma to reconsider.


“He would say things like, ‘Family should be a priority and not career.’ I gave up when he commented about my dog. I don’t know why my family still thinks he’s an eligible bachelor,” she said.

“I have been talking to him for over a week now. I spoke to him a couple of times more, but he pissed me off with the way he was enforcing his decisions on me.”

If you were Karishma, what would you have done?


You’d have stuck with your dog. Obviously.


These Very Scary Dogs Prove That Some Breeds Are Simply Terrifying

Some dog breeds, like alsations, pit bulls, and staffies, have got a bad name. People seem to think they’re murderous, bloodthirsty, and vicious, so it’s about time we examined the evidence.

I mean, you couldn’t trust these dogs with a defenceless kitten, right?


You definitely wouldn’t want to get near enough to give one a big snuggly kiss.


All these monster pups do is bark and bite.


Look at the rage in those eyes.


A pit bull would never get along with another animal.


And you’d have to be crazy to want two of these vicious sabre-tooth mutts in your home.


What kind of terrifying beast wears a suit?!


This guy is clearly planning something diabolical.


Truly fearsome.


This (giant) pooch obviously can’t wait to chow down on a few delicious guinea pigs (and the human, too).


No wonder that mouse looks so frightened.


Frankly, we’d rather have a shark in the pool than a Doberman.


*Children screaming*.


That poor cat is probably being held hostage.


Who would let this dopey but dastardly creature into their car?


And don’t be fooled by his costume — this pup is a cold-blooded killer.



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Meet Vicky – One Of The Best Dog You Would See In The Whole World

When a Dog can understand the feeling of another living being, why we Humans don’t understand it.

Vicky is an amazing story about a Dog realizing the importance of Freedom.




“World’s Loneliest” Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted And Now She’s A Movie Star

Not long ago, this former shelter pup named Freya was known as the ‘World’s Loneliest Dog.’


Now she spends her days working happily alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, and soon she’ll be one too!

This Staffordshire bull terrier was just a pup when the kind people at Freshfields Animal Rescue found her.


For six years, she watched 18,720 pet-seekers turn the other cheek, earning her the heartbreaking title of ‘World’s Loneliest Dog.’

That all changed thanks to director Michael Bay. He read about Freya’s story and decided that the lonely dog had been ignored long enough.

Michael posted on Twitter that he had picked Freya to play a role in the upcoming “Transformers” film. Check out the video to see Freya behind-the-scenes.

Freya is living proof that there’s a home out there for every dog.





The Important Food Items for Healthy Dogs

In these modern days people highly loves to buy a cute dogs for better entertainment and guarding. The people have to careful with the dog’s food procedure because dogs need to eat healthy food items. Generally, vitamins and minerals containing homemade recipes are generally healthy for human beings. The homemade recipes are sometimes highly not suitable for animals like dogs, cat and other pet animals. The people normally have some doubts about can dogs eat watermelon and other fruits and vegetables, but sometimes these can cause unwanted problem for dogs so people mostly avoid providing our food items to dogs. The watermelons are highly good human health and it also good dogs, but we have to careful with removing seeds and skin. Generally people need to take some care about pet animal health watermelon and dogsbecause it can affect our environment and cause serious problems to human being.


The Healthy Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs

Nowadays people are spending more money for maintenance of dogs, but it totally waste when we are providing best food items. The dog’s health is very important so we can provide some healthy vegetables and fruits for dogs. The dogs can be cool down with eating watermelon, but we have to clean and remove seeds for better health. The sweet potato has contained lots of health benefits for human being as well as dogs because it good for the digestive system. The carrot is mostly liked by people and dogs because it healthy so we have to give lots more carrots for dogs good health. The green beans also contain and it’s very important for dogs because it holds vitamin A, K, C and other manganese. The spinach is an important fruit for dog because it can cure cardiovascular and inflammatory problems. The cranberries are also a tasty fruit and it can cure urinary problem of dogs. The blueberries and pumpkin are also very safe for dog health because of antioxidant properties and also regulate the blood sugar. The apple is very essential for human health and dog health because of vitamin A and vitamin C. The banana can able to provide some energy for dog so it very healthy choice for dogs.


10 health benefits of watermelon

The Common Unwanted Food Items for Dogs

Generally human being eats high nutritional food items for healthy and happy life and those are very essential for human energy. The animals also need some special food items for healthy live but human eating food items make big trouble for animals and especially dogs. The alcohol is highly dangerous for human being and dogs so we have to avoid alcohol to dogs and it can provide more dangerous effects.  The avocado is one of the good vegetables for human health but it can be a big issue for dogs and other animals so users should not give avocado for dogs. The chocolate, coffee and other sweet items do not provide for dogs and it provides some side effects. The people should not provide most of the human foods to dog because those can be toxin for dogs.


The Important Tips for Giving Watermelon to dogs

In these days people highly want to play with pet animals such as cat, dogs and others. The people always provide focus on pet animal’s food items for healthy life of animals. The dog is a more familiar pet animal Can Dogs Eat Watermelonand it’s very helpful for guarding so we have to give right and healthy food items.

The watermelon is generally considered as fruits and also vegetables because it contains seeds. Most people love to eat watermelon because it is very healthy summer occasion fruit.

Normally, human being food items never liked by dogs so people have some doubts like can dogs eat watermelon and other fruits.  Normally watermelon is also good for dogs but we have to follow some tips for avoiding side effects.

The watermelon can able to make cool because it is very tasty and juicy, so people can give watermelon for dogs.


The Important Benefits of Dogs from Watermelon

Normally people have to provide healthy food items for dogs because dog diseases can affect human nature. The watermelon is one of the important fruits and it very helpful for dogs also the initially watermelon helps with hydration and especially seedless watermelon can able to provide rehydration for our dog because it highly contains water.

Normally watermelon can be an amazing way to cool our dog down. The important benefits of watermelon are vitamins and those are vitamin C and vitamin A and these are very good for our dog very good immune system. The vitamin a can able to maintain our dog healthy mucus membranes and skin and these vitamins is very helpful for protects our dog from various lung and cavity cancers.

The Lycopene is one of the pink watermelons and it is an amazing source of carotenoid antioxidant and other Lycopene is neutralized free radicals and it plays an important role in longer immune system of dogs. However, watermelon is one of the important sources in electrolytes and it very help to keep our dog so hydrated. The watermelon has also containing minerals and even potassium and magnesium. Normally potassium is a great and natural anti-oxidant so it can able to control our dog’s heart rate and health.

The fat is another important benefit of watermelon and it very important for dog’s health. The watermelon does not contain any cholesterol but it high in fiber so dogs can eat watermelon.


The Important Warning of Dogs to eat Watermelon

Normally we have to avoid some human food items to animals and especially dogs because those are Is it safe for dogs to eat watermelondangerous for dogs health. The watermelon seeds can able to cause our dog and provide discomfort felling and other or intestinal blockage.  The people have to remove seeds from watermelon and give those to dogs for better health of dogs. Normally watermelon rind is not a good for dog so we have to give our dog watermelon is to after wash off and completely remove any seeds. The water is highly contained in watermelon so dogs need to urinate after completion of eating.


Give tasty treat for your adored pets

Dog is the most affectionate pet for most of the people. Both pet owner and dog will have delightful relationship in high range. If you show more care and love on your dog, it will give back the affection double times than your warmth. In that case, you have to take care of your dog with more care and concern. As a pet owner, you have to know that what are the eatable items are good and bad for your dog in a clear way. After knowing it, you can give healthy and tasty treat to your dog. Watermelon is a healthy fruit during summer time. If you have a query about can dogs eat watermelon, you can search it in the online sites. Watermelon is really good for your dog. It is contained with low calories and minerals and so it can act as great for hydration. You can enjoy the taste of watermelon with your adorable dog during hot days. Feeding the watermelon is good for your dog, but you want to consider some important things and helpful tips. Most of the people say that dog will not digest the fruits but it can obtain the nutrients from it.


A slice of watermelon to your dog is an immense way to cool down the heat. This astonishing fruit contains magnesium, potassium and even more healthy nutrients. All of these things are really great for your pet in high range. Further, it is good for your dog’s immune system. Water content present in the watermelon is really good for your dog and so you can provide a little piece of watermelon to your dog. It is important that you have to remove the seeds present in the watermelon as it provides serious health issues to your dog. A bit of watermelon without seeds is a great and safe snack for your dog. Even you can offer low calorie fruits to your dog in small quantity. Search in online can dogs eat watermelon so that you can come to know about more useful information. With the use of it, you can know more benefits of watermelon to your pet. Watermelon is a remarkable gift of nature. You want to give moderate quantity of melon to your dog as it will not harm it in any case.


You have to give the melon occasionally as because high amounts of melon can cause severe health troubles to your dog. The water content present in the melon relaxes the heat of your dog in high range. The dog can obtain enough nutrients from the watermelon and it is proved scientifically. Further, the melon can act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support for your dog. First, you want to remove the seeds from the melon and then feed it for your pet. You have to keep in mind that you should not give more amounts of melon to your dog. You have to understand that dogs will not digest the fruits and so you want to provide little amount of watermelon to your dog.


Healthy summertime fruit for dogs

Many pet owners worldwide think about different aspects for improving health and lifestyle of their beloved pet. They are conscious about how to make their dog happy, safe and healthy? They increase their efforts to keep their dog cool in the summer and warmth in the winter. They have so many doubts about what kinds of foods suitable for their pet. For example, they have a doubt about watermelon is suitable for a dog or not.

Dogs eat watermelon

Can dogs eat watermelon? Many dogs eat watermelon happily because the overall taste of this healthy fruit. On the other hand, dogs get some health problems like intestinal blockage and a gastrointestinal upset because they eat seeds in watermelon. If you make sure that your dog likes to taste the watermelon in the summer, then you can remove seeds from the watermelon before you place it in front of your pet.


In general, watermelon is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B6, and potassium. Low calories in watermelon do not increase the unhealthy weight of your dog. You can feed a piece of watermelon without seeds to your dog once a day. Dogs do not get benefits from all nutrients of watermelon and other fruits. They do not digest fruits such as watermelon.

This is advisable to feed a little slice of watermelon and cool down your beloved pet in the summer. Do not fail to practice the most essential moderation when you are feeding watermelon to your dog.  The overall consumption of the watermelon in the moderate level does not affect a dog negatively.

Dogs can get some health benefits from potassium, vitamins, magnesium, and beta carotene present in watermelon.  The immune system of dogs can get enhanced further by vitamins and minerals of watermelon. High water content in watermelon gives different benefits for every genre of dogs of any age group.

Taste and health benefits

The overall tastes, as well as health benefits of watermelon, grasp the attention of pet owners who think about how to maximize their dog’s physical and mental health condition out of harm’s way.  If you own a puppy or a dog at home, then you have to take care of its diet every day. You can give a slice of watermelon occasionally to make your dog happy and healthy in the summer.


A dog that eats excessive watermelon may suffer from an unfavourable change in its bowl movements.  You can feed a moderate portion of watermelon after removing seeds to your dog.

The best digesting process of a dog may get disturbed by seeds of watermelon and unnecessary consumption of watermelon day after day.  You can give two to three slices of watermelon per day when you have ensured that your dog loves to taste watermelon and quench its thirst almost immediately in the summer.

Dog owners who think about can dogs eat watermelon have to understand how many slices of watermelon are suitable for their dog per day. This is because a dog can eat a moderate portion of watermelon once a week.